About Polygon Labs Ipsum

Polygon Labs Ipsum is a data aggregation and visualization platform for broadcast weather, sports, news and branding. The cloud based, enterprise level application enables a streamlined management of data curation and scheduling on- air tickers, weather graphics, tickers, channel branding and events based graphics. Utilizing graphics engines such as Vizrt for graphics rendering with scalable hardware options for any size broadcaster. Polygon Labs Ipsum improves ROI and streamlines operations while generating customer value via sponsorship and visual enhancement of information 

Real-Time Preview

Preview animated content right in the browser.

Browser App

Hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and runs in any browser. 

Data Integration

Pre-integrated with feeds from Weather Bell, AP, Reuters, WSI and any XML, JSON and API data sources.

Flexible Configuration

Supports unlimited number of outputs and unlimited number of users.


24/7 Support with granted 99.9% uptime

Scheduling and Rules

Schedule content in advance or on the fly. Events can be based on rules, or triggered by data cues

Content Examples 

Polygon Labs Ticker supports any type of ticker, branding or graphics content. Below are just a few examples. Graphics can be converted from legacy systems or designed by our creatives services team.


Social Media

Review and publish any social media message from Twitter, FB and Instagram  using Vizrt Feed Steamer application.


Game schedules, scores, notes, team and player statistics, leaders and standings.


Headlines, Breaking News, or full detailed stories.



Equity, indecencies, currency and market conditions can be displayed in real-time or delayed. 


Status of selected races, local and national results, balance of power and exit poles. 


Forecasts, emergency alerts, alert maps, conditions, radar & sat maps and other types of model forecasts.

Local Information

School closings, traffic and  lottery results.


Customizable L-Bar graphics with ability to show additional News, Sports, Finance, Weather and Localized information.

Design & Deployment

  • As part of the deployment Polygon Labs converts customer current ticker system to native Vizrt format
  • Polygon Labs pre-designed graphics package at no cost
  • Custom branding and design services available upon request 
  • Producers can generate information easily and quickly from any where or manage and schedule information from data sources
  • Production can control on-air graphics during live events and Master Control can manages daily branding programming
  • Business and data rules can be configured to trigger graphic events based on data cues, alert data or override events


System Architecture

About the Vizrt Engine

Viz Engine is one of today’s most powerful real-time graphics rendering engines and video servers. It renders animated 3D scenes in real-time, producing high-end animations in HD, 4K and beyond. Viz Engine functions as a standalone video server as well as the graphics and video compositing platform for Vizrt products such as Viz Trio, Viz Pilot, Viz Weather, Viz Virtual Studio.

Schedule a Demo 

Contact us to schedule a demo or a call to learn how Polygon Labs Ticker can enhance your graphics and workflow.